7 Reasons Why Lake Havasu Spring Break Is The Place To Go

Spring Break Party On A Boat

You don’t have to fly to an expensive Caribbean Island to enjoy spring break. There are beautiful beaches, enticing blue water, and plenty of spring break beach parties right here in Arizona.

Lake Havasu welcomes spring breakers every year for fun and sun. While spring break dates can differ between schools, the most popular time to visit Lake Havasu is when Arizona State University enjoys spring break.

If you want to see Lake Havasu in action, then spring break is a great time to do it. You’ll enjoy dancing on sandy beaches, swimming in the lake, and plenty of shenanigans to talk about when you get back home. Or, perhaps you won’t talk about it when you return home!

This year, save your money. Don’t go to the Caribbean. Head to Lake Havasu instead. Here are seven great reasons why you should head to Arizona’s playground, Lake Havasu, for spring break.

1) Lake Havasu Spring Break Beach Parties

Lake Havasu was formed when the Parker Dam was built on the Colorado River. What once was a vast empty space is now an incredible desert oasis.

Beautiful lakeside beaches were also constructed around Lake Havasu City to welcome people to Arizona’s playground. Spring breakers hit the beautiful Lake Havasu beaches to play volleyball, work on their sun tan, and enjoy time with other party-goers.

Some of the best beaches to spend a Havasu spring break include:

  • London Bridge Beach on the Bridgewater Channel

  • Body Beach on the lake at Thompson Bay

  • Lake Havasu State Park, with its beautiful white sand

Spring Break In Lake Havasu - Have An Amazing Time At Beach Parties

2) Copper Canyon During Lake Havasu Spring Break

Since MTV turned its cameras towards Lake Havasu for the filming of the popular show MTV Spring Break Lake Havasu, the canyon has hit the tourist travel map. The canyon is situated on the California side of the lake, about 6 miles south of Lake Havasu City.

Popular scenes in the hit show include cliff diving off the 80-foot tall jumping rock, an activity that is only for highly experienced cliff divers.

Some of the shorter jumping spots attract a few jumpers as well. After spring break, scuba divers will scan the bottom of the lake in that area, searching for all the sunglasses, Go-Pros, and cell phones that are dropped in the water.

Cliff Diving At Copper Canyon

3) The Bridgewater Channel At Lake Havasu Spring Break

When the famous London Bridge was first reconstructed in Lake Havasu City, there was no water underneath it. The bridge was put together stone by stone on land.

After the completion of the bridge, the Bridgewater channel was dug out underneath it, and that is now a popular boating area. The channel created a separate man-made island too, where London Bridge Beach is today.

When you spend spring break at Lake Havasu, be sure to enjoy a day next to the channel. Watch as the boaters congregate there. However, for safety reasons, swimming is not allowed in the channel. The area is still great for hanging out, people-watching, and making new friends.

Spring Break Near Bridgewater Channel - Hanging Out On The Beach

4) Koko Beach At Lake Havasu City

Just opposite London Bridge Beach, you’ll find another popular Lake Havasu spring break hangout.

Koko Beach in Lake Havasu City is a legend among Havasu spring break goers. There is a DJ lead music and games like volleyball and giant pong. Of course, dancing on the sandy beach is popular too!

When you spend your Havasu spring break on Koko Beach, be sure to bring your camera. With the London Bridge in the background, this is a great spot to snap an Instagram photo to share with everyone back home who only wishes they were there with you.

Beach Volleyball - Have An Amazing Time During Spring Break

5) London Bridge Resort At Lake Havasu City

If you are looking for places to stay during your Lake Havasu spring break trip, then check out the London Bridge Resort. All rooms are suites, and guests can save money by cooking some of their meals in an in-room kitchen.

This high-energy resort offers 122 rooms and three swimming pools. You’ll dine at Martini Bay Bar and Grill, Papa Leone’s Pizzeria, and their newest venue, the Kokomo Beach Club.

A daily schedule of Havasu spring break events is posted at the resort, so you won’t miss any of the fun.

Beach Club Party Near London Beach Resort

6) Las Vegas From Lake Havasu City

If you are spending a full week enjoying your Lake Havasu spring break, then you might want to explore outside of the area.

Take a side trip to Las Vegas. You can walk along the strip under the glow of neon lights. Try your luck in a casino, and shop for spring break trinkets at the many Las Vegas gift shops.

Bus shuttle service runs daily between Lake Havasu City and the bright lights of Vegas. The trip will take approximately five hours, so you will want to spend a night or two there.

Have An Amazing Time In Las Vegas

7) Drive Your Own Boat Tour Of Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is best explored by boat. No boat? No problem!

With Rubba Duck Safaris, you can get out on the lake and explore as the captain of your own small watercraft. We offer the best Lake Havasu boat tours, with you at the wheel of your own small boat.

With an experienced local guide leading the way, you’ll see sites like the London Bridge, Copper Canyon, Pilot Rock, Big Booty Bay, Teal Island, Ski Island, and a few hidden gems.

Let’s get this Lake Havasu party started! Book a Rubba Duck Safari of your own!

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